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Making friends with local llamas at Machu Picchu


About Me

After I started out in the real world with my first desk job, I realized that I should probably stretch my legs every once in a while…

For me, that just means I want to do and see as much cool stuff in the world as I can. I’m always willing to try something new – whether that means traveling to a country I’ve never been to before or just trying out a new donut shop down the street.

My profession is in the software development world and I previously used this domain as a bit of an online resume to showcase some of my better side projects. Over the years as my side projects have grown and changed, I’ve decided to split them into their own online identity which you can find here under their brand – MNM Applications.

The split allows me to focus on and organize two separate hobbies – each of which require an equal, rather staggering amount of time outside of my full-time job:

  1. Programming side projects – which push me to learn new programming, business, marketing, and professional skills
  2. Travel and world experience gathering – which inspire me to get out and enjoy life while exploring some more creative outlets like photography.

Any content pertaining to my programming side projects will be organized under the MNM Applications domain. For this current domain (www.MitchellRice.com), I want to keep it a bit more personal so I’ve outlined my objectives for this site in an introductory post which you can read here.

Thanks for taking the time to visit! For any professional inquiries, please contact me via LinkedIn (make sure you mention reading this). For any travel or adventure related things, connect with me on Instagram – it’s about the only social media platform I use nowadays. For everything else, fill out the form in the Contact section and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can.